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Data types in this case study: RNA-Seq, Digital Pathology, H&E, IHC, Proteomics, Clinical

Case Study Highlights

In this case study we highlight how AI can help identify mechanisms of action accelerating the drug development process. Sonrai’s AI platform, Sonrai Discovery, helps integrate complex data from various sources to uncover biological pathways and responses to treatments.

The Client

A Boston-based, clinical-stage pharmaceutical company with over 200 employees required a greater biological understanding of their multi-modal data in order to stratify patients for an end-of-year clinical trial.

"The technology you have and it's ability to integrate and analyze complex molecular profiles from different sample sources was invaluable to us, particularly in helping to combine transcriptomics and proteomics data for comprehensive insights."

The Challenge

As a small drug developer, understanding and effectively analyzing complex data can be a significant challenge when designing and executing clinical trials. The client faced several challenges:

  • Identify disease prediction biomarkers and uncover other biomarkers to understand drug response outcomes.
  • Understand Target engagement and mechanism of action – when a drug engages the target, identify pathways triggered and the body’s response.
  • Combine data points from different sample sources and complex molecular profiles, including transcriptomics from tissue data and proteomics from plasma and urine.
  • Identify and incorporate public data sources with data generated in-house and academic labs to substantiate findings.
  • Effectively Manage Datasets to enable reproducible analysis and reporting.

Do These Challenges Sound Familiar?

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"The Sonrai platform helped to reveal the biological pathways that are influenced by our drug and how this could impact the disease."

The Strategy

The team at Sonrai was excited to help the client overcome these challenges and meet its objectives. Sonrai provided a range of services.

  • Provided clinical diagnostic consultancy on robust study design for effective biomarker selection and development.
  • Delivered guidance on how to enable multimodal dataset management and analysis.
  • Built a bespoke integration pipeline for the seamless processing of mRNA and proteomics data to enable deeper biological understanding.
  • Developed advanced analysis capabilities for predictive and pharmacodynamic biomarker discovery.
  • Worked with the client to identify relevant publicly available data sets for upload to Sonrai Discovery to complement their existing data and findings.
"You really went above and beyond by helping us to source and incorporate relevant public data sets into our analysis through the Sonrai Discovery platform, we were able to strengthen and validate our findings, enhancing the robustness of our biomarker discovery."


By leveraging Sonrai’s AI-driven insights, advanced analytics, and data integration capabilities, our client experienced significant advancements in clinical trial design, biomarker discovery, and overall drug development.

Panel of predictive candidate biomarkers identified

Which enabled the development and validation of an investigational use assay for clinical trial purposes.


Market Access
Mechanism of action of the drug identified

Which has accelerated goals in research and development and quickened the validation timeline. 


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