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Case Study Highlights

Here we share how Sonrai helped a pharma company overcome challenges in identifying therapeutic targets by extensively searching and analyzing public proteomic databases, curating tailored datasets, and ensuring the reproducibility of findings. These efforts streamlined the target identification process and allowed the client to focus on the most promising candidates without requiring technical expertise.

The Client

A leading global pharmaceutical company at the forefront of healthcare innovation encountered target identification and validation challenges for specific proteins in primary tumours. Additionally, the company was actively exploring additional targets with significant therapeutic potential for their alpha particles.

"Working with Sonrai was an important step for our target identification process. Their comprehensive search and analysis of proteomic databases uncovered specific evidence that supported the clinical relevance of our target. We are now better equipped to focus our efforts on potential therapeutic breakthroughs."

Pharma Company Challenges

  • Obtaining Quantitative Proteomic Data: The company faced difficulties in obtaining accurate and reliable proteomic data to identify differentially expressed proteins in primary tumors. This data is crucial for understanding the molecular basis of diseases and potential drug targets.

  • Target Identification: Identifying specific evidence for a target of interest proved to be a complex task. The company needed to discern which proteins showed potential for targeted therapeutic interventions.

  • Exploration of Additional Targets: The company sought to explore additional protein targets with even greater differential expression in primary tumours. This process required comprehensive analysis and validation of potential targets to ensure their therapeutic relevance.

Do These Challenges Sound Familiar?

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"Sonrai's curated datasets based on our specific requirements made a significant impact on our target identification process. Their dedication to narrowing down target datasets enabled us to focus on the most promising candidates, saving us valuable time and resources."

The Strategy

The team at Sonrai was excited to help the client overcome these challenges and meet its objectives. Our team adopted a robust strategy to address the challenges faced by the pharma company:

  • Comprehensive Search and Analysis: Sonrai extensively searched and analyzed public proteomic databases to gather relevant data on differentially expressed proteins in primary tumours. This enabled the identification of potential therapeutic targets.
  • Curated Datasets: Sonrai curated datasets tailored to the client’s requirements, streamlining the target identification process. The company could focus on the most promising candidates by narrowing the target datasets.
  • Reproducibility of findings: To ensure the reliability and accuracy of the findings, Sonrai performed a meticulous re-analysis of the proteomic data. This step involved validating the results against the original work done by the pharma team.
  • Data Transformation: Sonrai facilitated the seamless integration of the client’s data into the Sonrai Discovery platform. By transforming the data into a user-friendly format, the pharma company could explore and utilize the data without needing technical expertise.
"The collaboration with Sonrai has been transformative for our drug development efforts. Their ability to handle complex proteomic data and deliver quantitatively confirmed results is commendable. We're excited to explore new targets with Sonrai by our side."


Sonrai helped to validate the target's up-regulation in prostate cancer, enabling confident drug development and precision medicine exploration.

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Quantitatively confirmed

Sonrai’s analysis confirmed the up-regulation of the protein of interest in prostate cancer tissue. This quantitative validation provided crucial evidence for its potential as a drug target.

Significant Findings
Statistically significant findings

Through rigorous analysis, Sonrai established statistically significant up-regulation of the protein in recurrent prostate cancer patients compared to non-recurrent patients. This data pointed to the target’s clinical relevance and therapeutic potential.

Hollistic Data Overview
Robust evidence for target

The comprehensive evidence provided by Sonrai’s analysis offered robust support for the clinical relevance of the validated target. This evidence bolstered the company’s confidence in pursuing further research and development efforts.

R and D Team
Empowered R&D for exploration

Armed with these promising results, the pharma company gained the confidence to proceed with their research and development endeavors involving the newly identified targets. Sonrai’s insights opened doors for innovative explorations in drug development and precision medicine.

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