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Sonrai Case Studies

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We aim for perfection for our customers. We listen, quickly grasp the challenges, consider the needs of all stakeholders, and then deliver world-class solutions. Our guiding light is to improve diagnosis and treatment for patients worldwide. Check out some of our case studies to understand how we can help.

Biomarker Discovery
Biomarker Discovery

See how we enabled GenoMe Diagnostics to scientifically and reproducibly shortlist novel potential biomarkers and take forward the most promising.

Diagnostic Validation

Enabled IVBH's precision diagnostics by unlocking data insights, accelerating development.

Preclinical Data Management

Enhanced data visualisation, interactive reports and increased data accuracy & validation.

Patient Stratification

Sonrai's AI and ML solutions enabled precise patient stratification for targeted interventions, enhancing personalized treatment approaches.

Target Identification and Validation
Biomarker Discovery

Discover how Sonrai empowered a pharmaceutical company to identify, validate, and confirm therapeutic protein targets for precision medicine. Explore the full case study for insights into innovative drug development.

Unified Code and No-Code Discovery
Biomarker Discovery

See what happens when researchers and bioinformaticians are united in a code-optional environment.

Accelerating MoA Studies
Biomarker Discovery

Find out how our support facilitated the identification of predictive biomarkers, enhanced mechanism of action understanding, and accelerated R&D goals.

Imagine What You Could Discover

Our cloud-based AI technology unifies and integrates all data sources from discovery, research, and development to regulatory approval.
AI IVDR Medical Devices
Biomarker Discovery

Sonrai is developing a suite of transformational IVD medical devices using AI-powered computational pathology to aid pathologists.

Predictive Biomarker Discovery
Biomarker Discovery

Sonrai's integrated biomarker discovery toolkit unveiled predictive insights, enabling validation and enhancing clinical potential for precision medicine.

Multi-Modal Biomarker Discovery
Biomarker Discovery

Discover how Sonrai's integration of genomic, proteomic, imaging, and clinical data accelerated multi-modal biomarker discovery.

Future Proof Cloud Drug Discovery
Biomarker Discovery

Discover how our client achieved unparalleled scalability and accessibility by migrating their analysis applications to the Sonrai Discovery cloud platform.

Optimizing Clinical Trial Data

Discover how a pharma company overcame data challenges in Phase II trials with Sonrai's AI-driven analytics and precision medicine tools.

Integrating Imaging and Omic Data
Biomarker Discovery

Explore how Sonrai's advanced analytics can help companies overcome challenges in drug development by integrating imaging and omic data.

Enhancing Invivo Drug Efficacy
Biomarker Discovery

Discover how we help pharmaceutical companies overcome challenges in Invivo Drug Efficacy with AI-powered analytics.

Multi-Omic Drug Discovery

Explore how oncology-focused drug developers can overcome challenges in multiomic drug discovery with Sonrai's tailored solution design.

Multi-Modal Drug Discovery

Explore how Sonrai helps companies accelerate drug development by overcoming challenges in multi-modal data integration.

AI-Powered Single-Cell Analysis & Automated Cell Annotations
Biomarker Discovery

Explore how AI can enhance single-cell analysis by faster data processing to accelerate findings and drug development.

AI-Enabled High Content Screening

Uncover intricate molecular pathways, optimize drug designs, and accelerate mechanism of action studies, ultimately leading to more effective therapeutic interventions.

AI Patient Stratification Workflow
Biomarker Discovery

Discover AI patient stratification in drug development - interactive visualizations, multimodal data integration, and transparent ML insights.

Federated Cloud Infrastructure for Science Park and Collaborative Labs
Biomarker Discovery

Discover how Sonrai Analytics empowers research and collaboration with the innovative AI platform for data management and discovery.

AI Biomarker Discovery Workflow
Biomarker Discovery

Explore an end-to-end AI biomarker discovery workflow using Sonrai Discovery. Discover just how easy it can be.

Advanced Data Management and Analytics in Clinical Trials
Biomarker Discovery

Explore advanced data management and analytics in clinical trials with a synthetic Phase I trial of Tyzolimab for Advanced Esophageal Squamous Cell Carcinoma (ESCC).

Biomarker Discovery using Flow Cytometry Data
Biomarker Discovery

Explore the cutting-edge world of biomarker discovery using flow cytometry data with Sonrai Discovery technology.