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Leverage our state-of-the-art AI/ML powered discovery engine and deep domain expertise to get new products to the market faster and enhance your IP.

Cancer Research

End-to-End Pipeline Acceleration

Sonrai helps teams discover high-value biomarkers, develop them faster and deploy new products. Whether you're focusing on your R&D pipeline or launching multiple products across key markets - we help you reach your milestones faster so that you can focus on innovating. We manage and connect data across your pipeline, so no matter which stage you're at - we've got you covered.


Cloud AI Data Discovery

Sonrai enables the identification of high-value biomarkers, the validation of state-of-the-art algorithms and gets new products to the market much faster.

Multi Omic Data Integration & Analysis
Automate data processing - clean & merge your siloed multi-omic data types to discover biological networks.
Code-Free AI & ML Data Transformations
Democratize data across your entire organisation through a secure central platform that enables everyone to utilise AI/ML, analytics and insights.
Interactive Reports and Data Exports
Generate new hypotheses. Discover biomarkers in clinical and pre-clinical data sets and discover new drug candidates.

AI data discovery is the only way to get maximum value from your data.

We leverage Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Data Interactions that can uncover what would not have been possible before.

AI For Everyone
Simple to complex AI and machine learning tools enabling the most basic user to take advantage of data science tools within a no-code environment.
Advanced AI & ML
Gain insights, look for signals in your data or markers with therapeutic potential. Discover outliers that would not have been possible with the naked eye.
Deep Learning
Our proprietary tools and algorithms are used with the NHS, Roche and QUB Precision Medicine Centre to deploy innovative cancer imaging solutions.

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Case Studies & Testimonials

Multiomic Biomarker Discovery

Deliver patient-level reporting for a multi-omic ex vivo platform.

Multiomic Analysis in Phase I & II Clinical Trials

Standardised framework for analysing molecular data from clinical trials

Proteomic Data Integration to Existing Portfolio

Harness proteomic data for the first time.

Built For Customers Like You

Sonrai manages and connects data across your pipeline, so no matter which stage you're at - we've got you covered.

Enhance Your Team With Ours

Sonrai’s experts help you navigate every stage of your biomarker journey. Our team includes experienced biologists, data scientists, bioinformaticians, software engineers, and imaging and diagnostic experts. Get support for every need — from how to use our platform and bioinformatics support to engineering and algorithm development.

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Full Suite AI & ML Apps

Always ready no-code data science applications and pipelines that cover 100+ use cases with over 5000+ combinations

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Platform User Licenses

Allocated users on your private instance, democratise your data with scientists, engineers, business executives or even customer accounts

Cloud Storage

Get your own private secure cloud platform; you own and control all of the data

Data & Engineering Support

Get hands-on help by our experienced AI & Data Scientists, and Software Engineers

Dedicated Customer Success Team
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Custom App Development

Sonrai can build bespoke Apps, Pipelines or Algorithms to address your business needs.

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