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Sonrai Demo Videos

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Our video demos below give a sneak peak into how Sonrai Discovery is empowering researchers to advance precision medicine and unlock new possibilities in treatment strategies. Whether you're navigating the code-optional discovery or exploring the innovative Weaver Plot for gene expression analysis, Sonrai Discovery bridges the gap between technical expertise and groundbreaking research.

Code-Optional Discovery
Biomarker Discovery

See how Sonrai Discovery seamlessly bridges the gap between technical and non-technical researchers in a code-optional environment.

Immune-Oncology Biomarkers of Response & Resistance
Biomarker Discovery

Utilizing Sonrai Discovery, we aim to identify biomarkers of response and resistance by analyzing data from four melanoma immunotherapy clinical trials.

Jupyter Notebook and Sonrai Discovery
Biomarker Discovery

The integration of Jupyter Notebooks with Sonrai Discovery offers a streamlined and efficient method for transferring precision medicine data between code and no-code environments.

Sonrai Image Management
Biomarker Discovery

Effortlessly manage your digital pathology images, integrate them with OMICs and clinical data, and engage in advanced annotation and analysis with Sonrai Discovery.

Imagine What You Could Discover

Our cloud-based AI technology unifies and integrates all data sources from discovery, research, and development to regulatory approval.
Weaver Plot
Biomarker Discovery

The Weaver Plot helps to gain a nuanced understanding of cancer-related gene expression across the body, aiding in identifying potential targets for effective cancer treatment.

What is AI and how can it benefit cancer patients

AI can mean different things to different people. In this video, Dr Sandra Irvine speaks to Dr Yasmine Makhlouf about what we mean by AI in healthcare.

Will AI diagnose as accurately as a qualified pathologist?

How does AI learn? And will it deskill Pathologists or help them? Dr Sandra Irvine speaks with Machine Learning Engineer James Leech about how AI can help increase accuracy.

Will the introduction of AI improve patient outcomes?

Will AI improve patient outcomes, and how? Tim Kerr asks Principal Data Scientist Matt Lee where patients can see AI's benefits today and where we will be in the near future.

How do I know that my information is stored safely?

How is patient data protected? Head of Engineering Gerard Loughran speaks to Tim Kerr about how patient data is stored and moved securely and the importance of balancing accessibility and safety.