Accelerate Drug Discovery, Improve Patient Outcomes & Drive Personalized Medicine

Top pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies rely on us to integrate and illuminate their precision medicine data to ensure selection of compounds with the highest likelihood of success, accelerating drug development and reducing the risk of failures in human trials.

Sonrai For AI Drug Development

Unlock the full potential of your precision medicine data

At Sonrai, we are dedicated to revolutionizing the drug development process through AI-driven solutions. With a deep understanding of the unique challenges faced by the pharmaceutical industry, our technology offers advanced functionalities specifically designed to accelerate drug discovery, improve patient outcomes, and drive personalized medicine.

What Clients Can Achieve with Sonrai

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Cost per Target Validation Reduction

Advanced data integration and automated workflows sped up data analysis and minimized human error. Combined with precision algorithms, this efficiency decreased the need for costly repeat experiments, lowering overall operational costs.

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Over 24 months

In reduced project timelines, decreased labor needs, and fewer repeat experiments. These savings and faster time-to-market for drug development substantially increased the return on investment.

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Time-to-Market Acceleration

By democratizing data access, eradicating data silos, and accelerating data analysis, Sonrai Discovery effectively reduces delays in drug development cycles. Ensuring an effective patient stratification method for the therapy from phase I, accelerating the approval for clinical studies.

Tailored for Precision Medicine

Sonrai Discovery is purpose-built for precision medicine, offering specialized tools and capabilities that cater to the intricate requirements of drug development. Our technology offers flexibility by supporting code and no-code environments, accommodating diverse skill sets.

Sonrai Success Stories

The Difference That Sonrai Makes

Every organization is unique, and generic solutions fall short in addressing their distinct challenges. Sonrai is purpose-built to tackle the complexities of precision medicine, offering tailor-made solutions that align with your specific needs.

40% Savings on Cost Per Target Validation

Accelerate and enhance target ID and validation using AI insights and integrated data for quicker, precise drug candidate selection and reduced time-to-market.

50% Reduction in Adverse Events in Phase I Trial

Patient Stratification: Sonrai's cutting-edge AI for precise patient stratification, combining diverse data for personalized treatments and optimized outcomes.

AI Single Cell Analysis

Explore how AI can enhance single-cell analysis by faster data processing to accelerate findings and drug development.

52% Faster Predictive Biomarker Discovery

Utilise advanced machine learning algorithms and integrate multi-modal data to Identify high-value biomarkers, optimize patient stratification, and tailor therapies for improved patient outcomes.

57% Acceleration in MoA Studies

Uncover intricate molecular pathways, optimize drug designs, and accelerate mechanism of action studies, ultimately leading to more effective therapeutic interventions.

AI Powered High Content Screening

Uncover intricate molecular pathways, optimize drug designs, and accelerate mechanism of action studies, ultimately leading to more effective therapeutic interventions.

Data-Driven Precision with Sonrai

Sonrai offers unified data integration, scalable cloud infrastructure, easy cohort exploration, flexible workflow tools, project-based data sharing, and machine learning support. We cater to drug developers of all skill levels, facilitating collaboration and accelerating research.

Precision Data Integration

Seamlessly Merge Diverse Data Modalities

Sonrai Discovery excels in integrating diverse data modalities and assay types with AI-powered Extract, Transform, Load (ETL) technologies, including omics data, clinical records, imaging data, and biomarker measurements. We enable a singular source of truth for your research and clinical data.

Scalable Cloud Infrastructure

Empower Precision Drug Discovery

Easily bring your existing code, apps, and data into a secure, scalable private cloud environment for efficient analysis and collaboration across teams and locations. Reduce reliance on in-house IT resources while maintaining data security and compliance.

Dynamic Cohort Exploration

Intricate analyses without coding expertise

Sonrai enables effortless navigation of precision drug discovery datasets, with the ability to explore a diversity of data types such as vast phenotype fields and genomic variants. Construct cohorts and perform intricate analyses without the need for coding expertise.

Sonrai Discovery

Imagine What You Could Discover

We partner with leading drug developers to increase IP potential, identify faster routes to market, and improve patient responses.

Flexible Workflow Tools

Integrate your favourite tools, and utilize custom-built apps

Run batch analyses effortlessly using tailored robust pipelines or integrate your favourite tools and custom-built applications. Visualize your results with a wide range of charts and visualizations, and further analyze data in a JupyterLab Notebook within Sonrai Discovery.

Leverage ML for Discovery

Swift, accurate outcomes with transparent methodologies

Seamlessly construct reusable machine learning workflows that deliver rapid, precise results, transparent methodologies, and equalize access to machine learning across your research teams.

Collaboration that Drives Innovation

Our comprehensive suite of cutting-edge solutions are tailored to accelerate drug development, enhance research insights, and streamline data management for drug developers and researchers. But there's so many more reasons to partner with Sonrai, get in touch to speak to our friendly team - we're ready to help.

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