Sonrai Analytics and Cancer Research Horizons Join Forces to Drive Precision Medicine Innovation

Sonrai Analytics and Cancer Research Horizons Join Forces to Drive Precision Medicine Innovation

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Sonrai Analytics and Cancer Research Horizons Join Forces to Drive Precision Medicine Innovation

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Sonrai Analytics, a Belfast-based AI data analytics company specialising in precision medicine, and Cancer Research Horizons, the innovation engine at the core of one of the world’s largest private funders of cancer research, Cancer Research UK, have formed a partnership to drive precision medicine innovation.

This strategic collaboration empowers Cancer Research Horizons to harness the cutting-edge AI-enabled discovery technology, Sonrai Discovery, provided by Sonrai Analytics. By leveraging this state-of-the-art platform, Cancer Research Horizons aims to accelerate and enhance the robustness of its research insights, maximising the ability to extract the next generation of biomarkers within its funded cancer programmes across the UK.

Sonrai Analytics’ Founder-CEO, Professor Darragh McArt, said: “I’m thrilled that Sonrai is partnered with such a dedicated and forward-thinking organisation like Cancer Research Horizons. Together, we will leverage Sonrai’s cutting-edge AI-enabled discovery technology to accelerate the pace of research originating from the CRUK network and impact the most critical stages of discovery.”

Tony Hickson, Chief Business Officer of Cancer Research Horizons, said: “Our partnership with Sonrai has further expanded our AI capabilities and will provide an invaluable tool to enhance our research network’s analysis. We are excited to begin this collaboration in pursuit of new precision medicines to treat cancer patients.”

Selected universities and spin-out companies will benefit from Sonrai Discovery and receive comprehensive onboarding and training from Sonrai’s expert team. This includes assistance in uploading initial datasets and generating comprehensive reports to maximise the value derived from this powerful analytical technology.




About Cancer Research Horizons

Cancer Research Horizons is the innovation arm of Cancer Research UK – one of the world’s largest charitable funders of cancer research. We bring together world-leading minds, bold ideas and the right partners to bridge the gap between research and introducing new therapeutics into the market. We focus on the riskier, more profound ideas that can lead to true innovation.

By uniting our commercial partnerships and therapeutic innovation capabilities, Cancer Research Horizons is uniquely placed to support translational funding, licensing and collaboration, spin-out creation, and offer a full spectrum of drug discovery and clinical capabilities.

With access to Cancer Research UK’s network of 4,000 exceptional researchers, and £300+ million of annual research spend, we’re a powerful partner in the fight to conquer cancer.

Every penny we make goes back into funding the next bold steps, to help bring forward the day when all cancers are conquered. To date, we’ve played an instrumental role in forming over 60 spin-out companies and helped to bring 11 cancer drugs to market.

For more information and to get in touch with the team, visit


About Sonrai Analytics

Sonrai Analytics, founded in 2018 by Prof. Darragh McArt and Dr Deva Senevirathne, is an AI precision medicine technology company.

Sonrai’s flagship product, Sonrai Discovery, expedites identifying and developing drug or therapeutic targets, improving patient outcomes through AI.

The company partners with biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies to manage and analyse their precision medicine data. By leveraging Sonrai Discovery, these companies can confidently select compounds with the highest potential for success in clinical trials, accelerating drug development and mitigating the risk of failures during human trials.

With the aid of Sonrai’s advanced technology, cancer researchers can generate new hypotheses, identify high-value biomarkers, and expedite the discovery of potential drug candidates. Sonrai’s cutting-edge platform enables researchers to achieve these goals with unprecedented speed and efficiency by streamlining data input, analysis, and presentation.

With a proven track record, Sonrai has successfully deployed its technology with prominent healthcare businesses across the EU and the US. Additionally, they continue to forge strategic partnerships (including NHS) that will further enhance commercial operations and scale impact.

For UK & Ireland media enquiries contact:

Chris Martin
Head of Marketing
Sonrai Analytics

P: 07517428996

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