Sonraí Analytics partners with Roche and QUB in £7m consortium to improve cancer outcomes

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Sonrai Partners with ROche & QUB in £7m Consortium to Improve Cancer Outcomes

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Sonraí Analytics is proud to be working with the Precision Medicine Centre of Excellence (PMC) at Queen’s University Belfast, and the world’s largest biotech company Roche, in a ground-breaking collaboration, to improve outcomes for patients with early-stage cancer.

Sonraí joins the £7m ACTIONED (integrAted moleCular soluTIons fOr diagNostics and Early Detection) consortium as the Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Deep Learning specialist, focusing on utilising big data and bespoke algorithm development to improve personalised medicine.

The ACTIONED consortium aims to transform the future treatment of colorectal cancer patients across the world. It will bring together a number of specialists to drive a holistic analysis of tissue and plasma samples using state-of-the-art genomics and digital pathology methodologies in an integrated precision medicine laboratory. The collaboration will aim to develop bespoke algorithms across a spectrum of genomics and image analyses to improve the predictive value of these technologies by generating integrated reports.

The PMC at Queen’s is a leading example of modern-day integrated healthcare and we hope that Sonraí can align within this programme to help understand the indications for the best treatment to be given to the right patient.

Darragh mcart, CEO of Sonrai Analytics

Working with Roche as a world leader in diagnostics and Sonrai Analytics, a Belfast-based small enterprise spinoff of QUB, will enable the creation of a molecular pathology laboratory workflow for the future of cancer patient care. New diagnostic tests, clinical decision support and data analytics offered through this collaboration and funded by Innovate UK and Roche will have the potential to change outcomes for cancer patients.

Dr. Manuel Salto-Tellez, PMC director, professor, and chair of molecular pathology at qub

We are thrilled with the ACTIONED consortium as it integrates the two most common modalities of cancer diagnostics – tissue-based and genomic-based approaches. Bringing together our collective knowledge, and expertise, this consortium has the potential to impact cancer patient care globally through new diagnostic solutions and insights.

Geoff twist, managing director uk & ireland management centre european agents at roche diagnostics ltd

The total value of the ACTIONED consortium is over £7 million. Innovate UK, part of the UK Research and Innovation organisation, has invested almost £3million over the three-year programme as government funding provided through UK Research and Innovation’s industrial strategy challenge fund. Roche Diagnostics Ltd are contributing over £4million and Sonrai Analytics are contributing almost £200,000 to the consortium.

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