Federated Cloud Infrastructure for Science Park and Collaborative Labs

Data types in this case study: NGS, Proteomics, Clinical

Case Study Highlights

In this case study we present how a Science Park adopted Sonrai’s cloud-based Sonrai Discovery platform to address its data sharing and security challenges, providing a secure and integrated environment for collaboration among its labs. The solution included customized Platform as a Service (PaaS) with tailored instances for each lab, enabling unified data management, advanced analytics with AI and machine learning, and robust security features. Sonrai’s offering was further bolstered by continuous support and training, ensuring the platform’s effective and smooth operation.

The Client

Our client, a global science park, is a renowned innovation hub housing a diverse array of biotech, pharma, and diagnostic testing laboratories. These labs produce extensive multi-modal data, spanning genomic sequences, protein structures, patient records, and clinical trial results.

Our client aspired to bolster its standing as a premier innovation hub while gaining a competitive edge in attracting leading biotech, pharma, and diagnostic labs. Their objectives encompassed accelerating research within the science park, enhancing operational efficiency, ensuring data security during cloud scaling, attracting top-tier industry talent, and expediting lab-to-market transitions.

"Partnering with Sonrai has not only facilitated seamless data sharing and insights across our labs but also ensured our research environment was secure and tailored to our specific needs. The advanced analytics and robust security measures have significantly enhanced our research capabilities."

The Challenge

As a large science park with many labs, the client faced multiple pressing challenges.

  • Data Silos: Each lab managed its data independently, leading to fragmentation and limited cross-lab collaboration. As a result, the potential of combined insights from multiple datasets remained untapped.

  • Scalability: As the number of labs and the volume of data grew, The Science Park found it challenging to scale their existing infrastructure and data management systems.

  • Complexity: Due to varied data formats, sources, and types, integrating and analyzing the data required substantial expertise and was time-consuming.

  • Security Concerns: With sensitive patient data and intellectual property at stake, labs were concerned about data breaches and maintaining data privacy.

Do These Challenges Sound Familiar?

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The Strategy

The Science Park turned to Sonrai to overcome those challenges. Our cloud-based Sonrai Discovery platform was the perfect solution to meet the needs of the client. Sonrai provided an all-encompassing secure cloud infrastructure that allowed the client and each of their labs to share data and insights. In addition, each lab received a bespoke instance of Sonrai Discovery to have its own self-contained trusted research environment.

  • Customized Platform as a Service (PaaS) Solution: Sonrai provided the client with a parent instance of Sonrai Discovery, its precision medicine multi-modal data integration and biomarker discovery technology. Each lab at the science park received a child instance tailored to their specific needs. 

  • Unified Data Management: The Sonrai Discovery platform integrated multi-modal data into a centralized system, breaking down the previous silos and allowing for improved collaboration.

  • Advanced Analytics: The platform came equipped with advanced machine learning and AI tools for biomarker discovery, enhancing the labs’ research capabilities.

  • Secure Infrastructure: Sonrai’s solution emphasized robust security measures, including end-to-end encryption, multi-factor authentication, and regular security audits.

  • Continuous Support and Training: Sonrai offered regular training sessions for lab staff and provided 24/7 support to ensure smooth operation.


Adopting Sonrai Discovery for precision medicine multi-modal data management and biomarker discovery transformed how the Science Park and its labs operated. Not only did it resolve the immediate challenges, but it also positioned them at the forefront of innovation in precision medicine. The success story serves as a beacon for other science parks and research hubs around the globe.

Enhanced Collaboration

Labs could easily share and access data through federated cloud services, leading to increased collaborative research projects and breakthrough discoveries.

Significant Findings
Accelerated Research

With integrated data and advanced analytics tools, labs reported significantly reduced time from data collection to actionable insights.

cost efficiency (1)
Cost Efficiency

By adopting the PaaS model, the Science Park was able to reduce overheads associated with maintaining individual data management systems for each lab.

Heightened Security

There were no reported data breaches, and labs expressed increased confidence in the system’s ability to protect sensitive information.

Scalability Achieved

As new labs joined the Science Park, the platform easily accommodated their needs without significant additional investments or extended setup times.

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