80% of AI projects Fail - How Can Teams Better Leverage AI?

The increasing interest in AI for Research, Discovery and Clinical Practice brings challenges and opportunities. The current climate opens up the potential for small no-name companies to steal market share from the giants. With the right AI strategy, fast companies can outperform slow companies, regardless of their size.

We make sure the conditions for AI projects to succeed are in place.

I Want To...

Sonrai's Discovery platform and support services can help you easily manage your data, run code-free experiments and generate meaningful insights with user-friendly analytics.

  • Enable Multi-omic Data Integration & Analysis
  • Spot previously unknown biological patterns
  • Accelerate early pipeline phases for lead marker generation
  • Discover drugs in the R&D phase, solidify drug response and efficacy

Building successful, reusable AI based on multiple data files, formats, locations etc. is possible, but it is error-prone and is particularly difficult to scale and reproduce analyses.

  • AI on a scalable, engineered platform that can accelerate the process
  • Manage multiple modalities of data allowing AI to integrate and provide insights into existing and new data.
  • Prevent pipeline failure by spotting Issues with data observability
  • Computational Pathology - segmentation, biomarker scoring and image feature extraction
  • Other Deep Learning applications - Feature extraction and aggregation from Omic data
  • Enable AI applications such as Computational Pathology, Deep Learning applications & Genetic Algorithms

Leverage cutting-edge Cloud Technologies to streamline and seamlessly scale up your data operations, storage, compute, or algorithm/product deployment needs.

  • Deliver diverse data products (e.g. Bioinformatics analysis, digital assays and machine learning models) via a data mesh architecture
  • Leverage the cloud and best-practice MLOps to train, deploy and manage AI Algorithms
  • Share and collaborate with colleagues and key stakeholders to advance biomarker potential

Why Sonrai?

We are currently helping Pharma companies build and deploy AI models for identification of features in images and the quantification of existing and new biomarkers, allowing these to be stored, retrieved and integrated in analyses of large cohorts of cases. Sonrai reduces the costly and time-consuming use of pathologists, alleviating the burden on them and allowing you to make best use of their expertise.

Data Mesh Cloud Architecture
The Sonrai Cloud AI Discovery platform is purpose-built to handle all of the varieties, complexites and challenging scales of modern health care data, and multi-omic types. We have overcome the common problems with data lakes (swamps), Excel eccentricities, and provide a user-friendly self-service platform to cater to your whole organization's needs.
Image-Omic Data Integration
Integrate imaging and omics to gain new insights from your datasets. Sonrai has designed entirely code-free interactive tools and workflows that can efficiently ingest data from multiple types or silos.
Artificial Intelligence
Sonrai is a leading AI company specialising in healthcare data. Our platform and services have successfully applied practical and monetisable AI across the pre-clinical and clinical markets. We use AI to speed up biomarker discovery and research, to automate quality conntrols, and even to deploy Deep Learning algorithms to help assist patientn diagnosis withinn Precision Medicine.
Computational Pathology
Segmentation, biomarker scoring and image feature extraction.
Deep Learning Apps
Feature extraction and aggregation from Omic data
Genetic Algorithms
finding novel correlations

See Your Data on the Platform

We can arrange quick hands-on demo's to walk you through what can be achieved with your data and product pipelines

Use Cases

Our clients realize that they’re missing too many opportunities to streamline their pipeline because they’re dealing with too much complexity; data silos, slow manual processes, talent shortages, pressure to compete and are bottlenecked by technology limitations.

In order to innovate, accelerate growth, develop drugs and tools to stay competitive and enhance their IP, biotech need to reduce complexity.

We have partnered with Roche to enable the development of novel AI algorithms to identify and quantify tumours in colorectal cancer.

AI Outcomes

Make intelligent predictions, transform data, run algorithms quicker, cheaper and better.

Advantages of Working with Sonrai

We help you harness new technologies and break into new and future market segments. Collaborative projects lead to the generation of novel shared IP.

Sonrai is currently leading an Artificial Intelligence in Health and Care Award to deliver novel AI cancer screenings across the NHS.

Lung & Colorectal Cancer

We are developing clinical AI applications to decipher from tumour tissue slide images, biomarkers of prognostic or predictive value.

How We Helped

The AI screening method will mean more accurate testing and faster results for patients and potential savings for the NHS of up to £3.2m each year.