Tired of high costs and low results?

Being a successful Biotech is difficult enough without also battling major IT Architecture, data science, product pipelines and engineering challenges.

We remove these obstacles for you and help your organization focus on what matters.

I Want To...

Sonrai's Discovery platform and support services can help you easily manage your data, run code-free experiments and generate meaningful insights with user-friendly analytics.

  • Enable Multi-omic Data Integration & Analysis
  • Spot previously unknown biological patterns
  • Accelerate early pipeline phases for lead marker generation
  • Discover drugs in the R&D phase, solidify drug response and efficacy
The Sonrai platform simplifies time-consuming and complex data and engineering tasks, allowing your team to focus on what matters, and get better results, faster.

  • Create more value from assets and technologies, develop or enhance your IP
  • Enable reproducible science via next-gen dataset management, analysis, and reporting
  • Prevent pipeline failure by spotting Issues with data observability
  • Minimise talent shortages by enabling everyone to utilise AI/ML, analytics and derive insights
Leverage cutting-edge Cloud Technologies to streamline and seamlessly scale up your data operations, storage, compute, or algorithm/product deployment needs.

  • Deliver diverse data products (e.g. Bioinformatics analysis, digital assays and machine learning models) via a data mesh architecture
  • Leverage the cloud and best-practice MLOps to train, deploy and manage AI Algorithms
  • Share and collaborate with colleagues and key stakeholders to advance biomarker potential

Why Sonrai?

Why work with Sonrai?

Whether you're focusing on your R&D pipeline or launching multiple products across key markets, Sonrai helps you strengthen your pipeline and reach your milestones faster so that you can focus on innovating. If you don’t have a data science team - we are your data science team.

Data Mesh Cloud Architecture
The Sonrai Cloud AI Discovery platform is purpose-built to handle all of the varieties, complexites and challenging scales of modern health care data, and multi-omic types. We help integrate and cross-analyse previously siloed & isolated data.
Multi-Omic Data Integration
Code-free interactive tools and workflows that can efficiently ingest data from multiple types or silos. Our expert team of data scientists have years of experience working with a range of data types, including; genomic, transcriptomic, proteomic and imaging data.
Artificial Intelligence
Sonrai is a leading AI company specialising in Biotech product pipelines. We use AI to speed up biomarker discovery and research, to automate quality controls, and even to deploy Deep Learning algorithms to help assist patient diagnosis withinn Precision Medicine.

See Your Data on the Platform

We can arrange quick hands-on demo's to walk you through what can be achieved with your data and product pipelines

Use Cases

Our clients realize that they’re missing too many opportunities to streamline their pipeline because they’re dealing with too much complexity; data silos, slow manual processes, talent shortages, pressure to compete and are bottlenecked by technology limitations. In order to innovate, accelerate growth, develop drugs and tools to stay competitive and enhance their IP, biotech need to reduce complexity.

A Massachusetts based Biotech wanted to deliver patient-level reporting for a multi-omic ex vivo platform


Managing and visualising multi-omic patient-level reports requires advanced bioinformatics capabilities

How We Helped

We provided a data mesh architecture to develop and deliver a proprietary reporting tool for patient-level insight across multiple data modalities

How We Helped

Saved the client months by streamlining the data cleaning and visualisation process

A German-based biotech needed to manage and analyse their molecular data from phase 1 and phase 2 clinical trials


To create a standardised framework for analysing molecular data from clinical trials

How We Helped

We provided a data tool kit for performing AI and machine learning-based data discovery that helped them handle their clinical patient data

How We Helped

Identified biomarkers associated with the biology of underlying drug response

A UK University-based Biotech Start Up wanted to optimize the biomarker selected for their ground breaking diagnostic platform


Methylation data is high-dimensional and training machine learning models requires advanced capabilities

How We Helped

We provided our cutting-edge suite of machine learning applications designed for easy use by lab scientists, and helped load further datasets

How We Helped

They trained hundreds of ML models saving $1000s in salary costs and months in time to validation