What's keeping You From Validating and Deploying Your Biomarkers?

Successfully discovering and validating your biomarker is difficult enough without most of your time being spent on wrangling data or false positives, unreproducible markers, errors and high costs getting in your way.

We remove your biomarker challenges and help your organization focus on what matters.

I Want To...

Sonrai's Discovery platform and support services cut your biomarker identification time helping you get to the clinic faster. Our expertise spans a wide range of disciplines to guide every step of the process and overcome your data, resource, and analysis challenges.

  • Avoid bias in study design, data acquisition and analysis
  • Minimise false discoveries
  • Enhance reproducibility 
  • Build an optimise models
  • Reduce complexity to extract meaningful molecular signatures of biological processes
  • Increase the number of biomarkers to take through to development
  • You choose the level of support you need to meet your project needs
  • Sonrai Discover provides you with the tools to validate faster and easier, generating presentation ready graphics as you go
  • Our team of precision medicine experts help you identify the best data sets for validation of your biomarkers
  • Sonrai data scientists advise on the most appropriate validation techniques for your biomarkers, or if you prefer, we can perform all of the analysis, keeping you up to date on progress as we go
  • Diagnostic development experts support you through all stages of the development process from optimisation, through analytical validation and clinical testing
  • With our extensive knowledge of IVD and MD regulations and experience of successful regulator engagements we can ensure your assay development strategy aligns to your goals for clinical and commercial launch
  • interpret results, providing insight into the drug response. The data from these studies can help you design smaller, more efficient studies, reducing the number of subjects and shortening the time to approve new treatments according to guidelines.
  • Data integrity and security are at the core of everything we do, the Sonrai team will help ensure your assay data is safe and ready to support your regulatory submissions

Why Sonrai?

Whether you're focusing on your R&D pipeline or launching multiple products across key markets, Sonrai helps you reach your milestones faster so that you can focus on innovating.

Data Mesh Cloud Architecture
The Sonrai Cloud AI Discovery platform is purpose-built to handle all of the varieties, complexites and challenging scales of modern health care data, and multi-omic types. We have overcome the common problems with data lakes (swamps), Excel eccentricities, and provide a user-friendly self-service platform to cater to your whole organization's needs.
Multi-Omic Data Integration
Sonrai has designed entirely code-free interactive tools and workflows that can efficiently ingest data from multiple types or silos...
Artificial Intelligence
Sonrai is a leading AI company specialising in healthcare data and Biotech product pipelines. Our platform and services have successfully applied practical and monetisable AI across the pre-clinical and clinical markets. We use AI to speed up biomarker discovery and research, to automate quality conntrols, and even to deploy Deep Learning algorithms to help assist patientn diagnosis withinn Precision Medicine.

See Your Data on the Platform

We can arrange quick hands-on demo's to walk you through what can be achieved with your data and product pipelines

Use Cases

Our clients realize that they’re missing too many opportunities to streamline their pipeline because they’re dealing with too much complexity; data silos, slow manual processes, talent shortages, pressure to compete and are bottlenecked by technology limitations.

A Massachusetts based Biotech wanted to deliver patient-level reporting for a multi-omic ex vivo platform


Managing and visualising multi-omic patient-level reports requires advanced bioinformatics capabilities

How We Helped

We provided a data mesh architecture to develop and deliver a proprietary reporting tool for patient-level insight across multiple data modalities

How We Helped

Saved the client months by streamlining the data cleaning and visualisation process

A German-based biotech needed to manage and analyse their molecular data from phase 1 and phase 2 clinical trials


To create a standardised framework for analysing molecular data from clinical trials

How We Helped

We provided a data tool kit for performing AI and machine learning-based data discovery that helped them handle their clinical patient data

How We Helped

Identified biomarkers associated with the biology of underlying drug response

A UK University-based Biotech Start Up wanted to optimize the biomarker selected for their ground breaking diagnostic platform


Methylation data is high-dimensional and training machine learning models requires advanced capabilities

How We Helped

We provided our cutting-edge suite of machine learning applications designed for easy use by lab scientists, and helped load further datasets

How We Helped

They trained hundreds of ML models saving $1000s in salary costs and months in time to validation