Predictive Biomarker Discovery

Data types in this case study: Clinical, RNA-Seq

Case Study Highlights

In this case study we showcase how by combining clinical and molecular data, and integrating public data sources, we revealed new insights and expanded research possibilities. Our Sonrai Discovery platform offered advanced machine learning features without requiring coding or data science skills, accelerating the discovery of predictive biomarkers.

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Biomarker Discovery ⏩

Sonrai’s AI-driven technology supports rapid biomarker identification, catering to precise target discovery in drug development.

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Clinical Trial Initiation ⏩

Sonrai ensures data validation, traceability, and security, streamlining regulatory submissions and reducing delays.

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In External Consultancy Costs💲

Sonrai Discovery allows in-house teams to conduct advanced analyses without relying heavily on external expertise.

The Client

An emerging biotechnology company at the forefront of precision medicine, striving to redefine therapeutic success through targeted interventions and personalized treatments. This pioneering biotech venture focuses on accelerating drug discovery and development by leveraging cutting-edge technologies and data-driven insights. Committed to transforming patient care, they sought to identify predictive biomarkers for optimal drug responses.

The Difference Sonrai Makes

Every organization is unique, and generic solutions fall short in addressing their distinct challenges. Sonrai is purpose-built to tackle the complexities of precision medicine, offering tailor-made solutions that align with your specific needs.

Precision Patient Stratification

How AI and machine learning enables patient stratification through the identification of biomarkers and molecular signatures to aid effective categorization.

57% Acceleration in MoA Studies

See how Sonrai unified diverse data sources to rapidly understand complex molecular pathways, helping identify predictive biomarkers and drug mechanisms of action.

14% Reduction in Preclinical Phase

Discover how Sonrai helps pharmaceutical companies overcome challenges in Invivo Drug Efficacy with AI-powered analytics.

"With Sonrai, our skills gap became irrelevant. Their integrated approach uncovered predictive insights, helping our team to validate biomarkers with confidence."

The Challenge


Our partner aimed to uncover predictive biomarkers linked to drug response, optimizing patient outcomes.

Skills and Expertise Gap: As an emerging player, the company grappled with a shortage of skilled data scientists, which hindered its ability to navigate complex, extensive data analysis and bioinformatics.

Escaping Manual Constraints: Manual processes could not meet the speed and depth of discovery needed to achieve the desired precision.

Simplifying Complexity: Aiming to harness machine learning’s power without requiring extensive coding skills, our partner sought a solution to democratize its benefits.

Data Integration Issues: Integrating diverse data types while ensuring quality and consistency was a significant challenge.

Regulatory Challenges: Ensuring compliance with regulatory standards and maintaining data security was critical to our client.

Do These Challenges Sound Familiar?

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"In a competitive landscape, the team at Sonrai and their technology has given us a strategic edge. The actionable insights we gained from our predictive biomarker discovery amplify our clinical potential and patient impact."

The Strategy

Through our continuing partnership, we equipped our partner with an innovative biomarker discovery toolkit designed to predict optimal therapy responses.

Skills and Expertise Gap: Sonrai Discovery features advanced machine-learning capabilities that do not require coding skills. This democratization of data analysis tools enabled the client’s existing team to perform high-level analyses independently, bridging the expertise gap and accelerating research processes.

Automation of Data Analysis: Sonrai’s AI-driven automation significantly reduced the time and effort required for data analysis. By streamlining workflows and minimizing human error, our client was set up to achieve deeper insights more quickly and accurately.

Integrated Insights: By seamlessly fusing clinical and molecular data modalities, we unveiled previously hidden insights, magnifying the potential for discoveries.

Unlocking Public Data: Our team integrated public data sources, enriching the analytical process and widening the scope of potential findings.

Regulatory Compliance and Data Security: Sonrai’s robust data validation and security measures include role-based access controls, automated data tracking, and compliance with data privacy regulations. This ensured that the client could confidently manage sensitive data, achieving 100% compliance and reducing delays in regulatory submissions.

"Our journey with Sonrai reshaped our precision medicine pursuit. Predictive biomarkers validated, we're now poised to elevate our clinical success through patient stratification."


Through our collaboration, we achieved remarkable results for our client. Our collaboration not only overcame challenges but also laid the foundation for a more robust and efficient biomarker discovery process, setting the stage for accelerated drug development and personalized patient care.

The analysis outputs below are for demonstration purposes. Get in touch to see the full case study with detailed outputs.

Data Integration
Data Integration Time Reduced by 62%

Using AI-powered ETL technologies and Sonrai’s ability to harmonize diverse data modalities (e.g., omics data and clinical records).

Market Access
Increased Data Analysis Productivity

Sonrai’s code-optional environment, which allows technical and non-technical users to perform complex data analysis, achieved a 41% boost in data analysis efficiency, thus saving time and resources.

Clinical Success icon
Empowered Path to Success

Armed with actionable insights, our partner gained a competitive edge through targeted patient stratification and refined subpopulation matching, paving the way for more assured clinical success.

Cloud Secure
32% Reduced Computational Resource Expenditures

Leveraging Sonrai’s cloud-based precision discovery platform, minimizing hardware and maintenance requirements results.

100% Compliance with Data Privacy and Regulatory Standards

with Sonrai’s focus on data validation, security, and role-based access controls ensuring regulatory adherence.

What's Next?

“We’re confident that our collaboration with Sonrai will continue to drive innovation, enhance our clinical trial success rates, and ultimately improve patients’ lives through more targeted and effective therapies.”

Building on the successful partnership to date, Sonrai and our client will advance our collaborative initiatives to advance precision medicine, accelerate drug discovery and development, and enhance patient outcomes. These plans focus on leveraging cutting-edge AI technologies, deepening data integration, optimizing clinical trials, and ensuring regulatory compliance.

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