Patient Stratification in Clinical Trials

Data types in this case study: WGS, Digital Pathology

Case Study Highlights

This case study presents how AI and machine learning can enable patient stratification through the identification of biomarkers and molecular signatures to aid effective categorization.

The Client

A leading US pharmaceutical company focused on precision medicine faced several challenges in its quest to deliver personalized treatments to patients. The company aimed to leverage Sonrai’s expertise and advanced machine-learning algorithms to achieve precise patient stratification. They aimed to develop targeted treatment approaches by identifying biomarkers and molecular signatures that would enable them to better understand disease heterogeneity within patient populations.

"Sonrai's ML algorithms were instrumental in identifying biomarkers and molecular signatures that allowed us to precisely stratify patients for targeted interventions. This level of precision has been invaluable in tailoring personalized approaches for better patient outcomes."

Pharma Company Challenges

The pharmaceutical company faced several challenges in their drug development and patient stratification efforts:

  • Heterogeneity within Disease Populations: The company encountered variations among individuals within patient populations, making it challenging to identify precise treatment approaches that cater to each patient’s disease characteristics.
  • Limited Patient Data Available for Analysis: Access to comprehensive patient data was restricted, which hindered the depth of analysis and understanding required for effective stratification.
  • Complex Multimodal Data Integration: The company had to manage and integrate diverse data types, including genomic data, clinical records, imaging data, and biomarker measurements. Integrating these complex datasets into a unified view for comprehensive analysis posed a significant challenge.
  • Predictive biomarker reproducibility and Interpretability: Ensuring the reproducibility and interpretability of methods was critical for confident decision-making. The company needed clear and transparent models that could be understood and validated by researchers and clinicians.

Do These Challenges Sound Familiar?

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"The team's integration and analysis of complex multimodal datasets offered a holistic view of patient data, enabling us to develop tailored treatment strategies. The ability to consolidate diverse data types greatly facilitated our decision-making process."

The Strategy

The team at Sonrai was excited to help the client overcome these challenges and meet its objectives. We played a pivotal role in assisting the pharmaceutical company with a robust strategy to enhance patient stratification and personalized treatment approaches:

  • Utilizing ML Algorithms for Precise Patient Stratification: Sonrai leveraged advanced machine learning (ML) algorithms to identify biomarkers and molecular signatures that allowed for effective patient stratification. This approach enabled the company to categorize patients into specific subgroups, optimizing treatment plans tailored to individual characteristics.
  • Deriving Insights from Limited Sample Sizes: Sonrai’s sophisticated ML techniques extracted valuable insights from small sample sizes despite limited patient data. This capability is particularly advantageous when dealing with rare diseases or specific patient sub-populations with constrained data availability.
  • Integrating and Analyzing Complex Multimodal Datasets: Sonrai expertly handled the integration and analysis of diverse data types, including genomic data, clinical records, imaging data, and biomarker measurements. By merging these complex datasets, Sonrai provided the company with a comprehensive view of patient data, facilitating the development of targeted treatment strategies.
  • Addressing Reproducibility and Interpretability Challenges: Sonrai addressed reproducibility and interpretability challenges by employing transparent and explainable ML models to ensure confidence in the patient stratification methods. These models provided clear insights and interpretations that researchers and clinicians could easily validate and comprehend.
"Collaborating with Sonrai has had a transformative impact on our pharmaceutical research and development processes. Their contributions, particularly in data analysis and patient stratification, have accelerated our progress."


The collaboration with Sonrai yielded significant results, revolutionizing the pharmaceutical company’s patient stratification and treatment approaches:

Precise Patient Stratification for Targeted Interventions

Sonrai’s expertise in utilizing ML algorithms enabled the company to achieve precise patient stratification. This advancement allowed for targeted interventions, empowering personalized treatment approaches tailored to individual patients’ disease characteristics and needs.

Enhanced Insights icon
Enhanced Insights for Rare Diseases and Specific Patient Subsets

Sonrai’s advanced ML techniques provided valuable and enhanced insights even when faced with limited data. This was particularly crucial in dealing with rare diseases or specific patient subsets where data availability was restricted, enabling the company to make informed decisions.

Hollistic Data Overview
Holistic View of Patient Data through Complex Multimodal Integration

By skillfully integrating complex multimodal datasets, including genomic data, clinical records, imaging data, and biomarker measurements, Sonrai provided a holistic view of patient data. This comprehensive perspective facilitated the development of tailored treatment strategies and a deeper understanding of disease dynamics.

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