Future-Proofing Drug Discovery: Cloud Scaling Benefits

Data types in this case study: Proteomics, RNA-Seq

Case Study Highlights

We spotlight how our cloud technology is designed to support the deployment of complex, computation-heavy applications, making Sonrai Discovery an ideal environment for such tasks. Utilizing Sonrai Discovery facilitated seamless access for an unlimited number of users, significantly enhancing data analysis capabilities, customization, agility, and resource efficiency, while future-proofing bioinformatics infrastructure.

The Client

Our client is a world-renowned research-driven drug discovery company, dedicated to discovering and developing novel and innovative approaches to treating diseases in the oncology setting and beyond.  

Bioinformatics is at the heart of the strategy of this company: driving target identification approaches, building the understanding of how pre-clinical therapeutics work, and predicting which patients would derive benefit.

"Working with Sonrai has been a pleasure. The team's expertise and collaboration have exceeded our expectations, making the entire process seamless and efficient."

The Challenge

The client sought to unify their analysis and visualization applications within a secure cloud environment to improve access and scalability.

  • The client has developed an innovative suite of analysis applications for a set of clearly defined use cases. These apps allow scientists, who would normally sit outside of the bioinformatics group, to handle, analyze and visualize bioinformatics data.
  • Each application is currently hosted on an on-site server which means that their ability to scale is limited.
  • Additionally, current versions of the application had limited scalability in terms of capacity of concurrent users, restricting access and necessitating more efficient working practices.

The Difference Sonrai Makes

Every organization is unique, and generic solutions fall short in addressing their distinct challenges. Sonrai is purpose-built to tackle the complexities of precision medicine, offering tailor-made solutions that align with your specific needs.

Discover Predictive Biomarkers 52% Faster

Sonrai’s AI technology supports rapid biomarker identification, empowering our partner to predict optimal therapy responses through an innovative toolkit.

57% Acceleration in MoA Studies

See how Sonrai unified diverse data sources to rapidly understand complex molecular pathways, helping identify predictive biomarkers and drug mechanisms of action.

14% Reduction in Preclinical Phase

Discover how Sonrai helps pharmaceutical companies overcome challenges in Invivo Drug Efficacy with AI-powered analytics.

Do These Challenges Sound Familiar?

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The Strategy

Sonrai Analytics’ cloud technology is specifically designed for the deployment of complex and computationally intensive applications such as those being developed here.

Deployment on Sonrai Discovery:

  • Sonrai Discovery was identified as an ideal environment to deploy these applications, along with Sonrai’s own applications, were dockerized and migrated.
  • This migration enabled users to conveniently access both sets of applications by logging into Sonrai with no limitations on the numbers of users or applications.
"The positive results we've achieved through our partnership with Sonrai are remarkable. Their integration of visualization tools and seamless deployment on the Sonrai Platform have significantly enhanced our data analysis capabilities, providing us with a highly efficient and future-proof bioinformatics infrastructure."


The partnership resulted in the seamless integration of apps on the Sonrai platform with both improved pipeline customisation and agility. These outcomes enhance data analysis capabilities, save resources, and future-proof the client’s bioinformatics infrastructure.

Sonrai Discovery Integration

By hosting the application on the Sonrai Discovery, users can access both suites of applications, catering to their specific analysis needs. This integration offers flexibility for all users, accommodating on-site, remote, and hybrid work environments.

Market Access
Unlimited Scalability and Enhanced Accessibility

Sonrai Discovery’s support for unlimited concurrent users ensured seamless scalability and enhanced accessibility. This optimization of the bioinformatics infrastructure future-proofs their capabilities and streamlines analysis workflows for transcriptomics and proteomics. The partnership has led to enhanced data analysis capabilities, resource savings, and improved pipeline customization and agility.

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