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Our team is composed of experienced biologists, data scientists, bioinformaticians, software engineers, and imaging and diagnostic experts.

We know how to work with teams with individual data needs, use cases and technical challenges. We help you to identify optimum measures, and deliver custom solutions on time and within budget.


Sonrai provides bioinformaticians with a centralized and secure cloud platform that brings together their existing apps, code, and pipelines. This enables enhanced collaboration, streamlined workflows, and increased efficiency. With support for both code and no-code environments, Sonrai accommodates diverse skill sets, empowering bioinformaticians to work in their preferred manner.

Problems We Solve:

Translational Research Teams

Translational research teams love us because we enable them to tell stories with their data using real-time visualizations and interactive dashboards to identify and present their findings.

Problems We Solve:

Business Leaders

Business leaders get excited because we enable teams to benefit from AI & ML at a fraction of the normal cost. Reducing costly errors through standardization and quality controls.

Problems We Solve:

Your Goals are our Goals

Sonrai has a hands-on and committed approach to delivering value for its clients. The use of experienced Project Managers and fortnightly sprint review meetings with clients helps to ensure that deadlines, key milestones, and expectations are met.


Biologists appreciate how we turn complex bioinformatics workflows into easy-to-use no-code applications.

Problems We Solve:

Data Science Teams

We make Data Science teams happy because we help deploy their accurate reproducible models on the cloud.

Problems We Solve:

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