Data quality
How Much Can Data Quality Earn Your Company?

Author: Dr Matthew Alderdice, Head of Data Science How much does ensuring data quality cost your organisation? Most CROs would find it challenging to translate quality management into a monetary value. However, research shows that failed or heavily delayed trials and studies can significantly impact both the sponsor and the CRO, leading to reputational damage, […]

attract and retain customers
How CROs can Create Value for Clients

Author: Dr Matthew Alderdice, Head of Data Science In an increasingly competitive market, sponsors are wary of choosing a Clinical Research Organization that requires constant monitoring and attention. Issues such as delays and poor quality data can increase sponsors’ costs. The onus is with the CRO to anticipate the sponsor journey in seeking out the […]

Data Management CRO
Data Management Best Practices for CROs

Author: Dr Matthew Alderdice, Head of Data Science Data management systems are now a core part of any modern business. Data management covers topics, including storage, automation, processing, analysis, and sharing. Here we summarise some of the fundamental data-driven business processes that an organization can adopt to maximize its data assets’ value. Data Storage – […]

What is tSNE and when should I use it?

Author: Matt Lee, Senior Data Scientist T-distributed Stochastic Neighbourhood Embedding (tSNE) is an unsupervised Machine Learning algorithm developed in 2008 by Laurens van der Maaten and Geoffery Hinton. It has become widely used in bioinformatics and more generally in data science to visualise the structure of high dimensional data in 2 or 3 dimensions. It […]

AI Award
Sonrai Analytics Wins Government Funding to Deliver AI Cancer Screenings Across the NHS

PRESS RELEASE 16/06/2021 Belfast-based AI company Sonrai Analytics will lead an Artificial Intelligence in Health and Care Award to deliver novel AI cancer screenings across the NHS. The AI screening method will mean more accurate testing and faster results for patients and could potentially save millions for the NHS each year. Sonrai Analytics will partner […]

Sonrai Analytics Awarded AI infrastructure to Improve Patient Outcomes with Colorectal Cancer

PRESS RELEASE 24/05/2021 Belfast-based AI data discovery company Sonrai Analytics has announced today that it is launching a cutting-edge architecture that will lead to faster and more effective discovery of key mechanisms and drivers within healthcare enabled by artificial intelligence. The platform has been developed with the support of Dell Technologies, NVIDIA, Cancer Research UK […]

Integrating Digital Pathology Data to uncover novel insights

Author: Paul O’ Reilly, Head of Innovation Background High throughput scanning technologies have matured, and digital slide scanners allowing whole slide imaging (WSI) have become more widely deployed in clinical and research labs. Digital Pathology (DP) is increasingly becoming a mainstream tool in the practice of pathology. It is in the process of being approved […]

Data AI healthcare
AI in Healthcare: Opportunities and Challenges

Author: Paul O’ Reilly, Head of Innovation The resurgence of interest in Artificial Intelligence over the last 10 years has resulted in remarkable progress in many problem domains, such as autonomous vehicles, speech recognition, semantic search, and so on. In parallel, there has been a growing interest in deploying AI tools within the Healthcare system, […]

Data integration in precision medicine
Data Integration in Precision Medicine

Author: Matthew Alderdice, Head of Data Science What is data integration? Data integration is the process of combining data from disparate sources to create a unified view for downstream business intelligence, advanced analytics and data science applications.  In Precision Medicine, the ability to generate multi omic patient profiles by integrating data from different clinical and […]

Sonrai Selected for Prestigious AI Programme

Sonrai Analytics Selected for Prestigious AI Programme John Murray, Deva Senevirathne. Dr Darragh McArt, Brian McCaul and Stuart Gaffikin Artificial Intelligence specialist and Queen’s University spin-out Sonrai Analytics have been selected as a participant in an exclusive programme that brings together the UK’s most exciting AI companies. Applied AI is Tech Nation’s growth programme for […]


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