Imagine What You Could Discover

Sonrai Discovery accelerates discovery, improves patient outcomes, and drives AI-enabled precision medicine.

Data-Driven Precision

Top pharmaceutical and biotech companies rely on us to seamlessly integrate and optimize their precision medicine data, reducing costs, enhancing agility, and accelerating innovation. Our AI-driven precision medicine technology brings together diverse data sources, breaking down data silos, and providing comprehensive access across the entire organization to foster innovation.

Leverage Multi-omics

Unify diverse data sources and gain comprehensive insights to power precise target discovery in drug development and biomarker identification.

Accelerate Development

Democratize data and access, eradicate data silos to enable rapid generation and insight sharing while guaranteeing security, privacy, and compliance.

Optimize Products

Insights enabling better and faster forward and back translation can be leveraged to improve efficacy, safety, tolerability or ADME parameters of a product.

Regulatory Success

Sonrai ensures data validation, traceability, security and collaboration to improve regulatory submissions. Reduce delays and accelerate the path to approval.

AI-enabled Precision Medicine

Sonrai Discovery is purpose-built for precision medicine, offering specialized tools and capabilities that cater to the intricate requirements of drug developers and diagnostics.

1. Manage Data

Upload, clean, integrate, transform, load, and track your data

2. Analyse Outputs

Build workflows and pipelines to tell your data's story

3. Share Results

Report or export your new insights and findings

Precision Data Integration

Seamlessly Merge Diverse Data Modalities

Sonrai Discovery harmonizes diverse data modalities and assay types using cutting-edge AI-powered Extract, Transform, Load (ETL) technologies. Whether it's omics data, clinical records, imaging data, or biomarker measurements, we create a unified source of truth for your research and clinical data.

Upload and merge all your multi-omic siloed data into a powerful distributed data mesh
Easily upload or manage your data across multiple convenient integrations
The Sonrai team can integrate your existing servers, databases and datasets at no extra cost

Code-optional Discovery

Accelerate without technical expertise

Navigate your data effortlessly with our no-code applications or dive deep with code-based customization, empowering every user in your team for efficient, collaborative analysis.

Unite technical & non-technical users in a code-optional analysis environment
Research scientists handle routine analyses in a no-code environment.
Bioinformaticians understand researchers' needs and use a sandbox environment to code, test, and share insights collaboratively.

Your Tools & Data in One Place

Cloud-Based Precision Discovery

Bring all your existing apps, code, and pipelines to the Sonrai cloud. Enhance collaboration, streamline workflows, and increase efficiency. The seamless transition minimizes disruptions and cost, while future-proofing an infrastructure for innovation and staying ahead of evolving technologies. Leverage your investments, optimize resources, and unlock the full potential of R&D.

Sonrai Success Stories

The Difference That Sonrai Makes

Every organization is unique, and generic solutions fall short in addressing their distinct challenges. Sonrai is purpose-built to tackle the complexities of precision medicine, offering tailor-made solutions that align with your specific needs.

40 % Savings per Target Validation

Accelerate and enhance target ID and validation using AI insights and integrated data for quicker, precise drug candidate selection and reduced time-to-market.

50% Reduction in Adverse Events in Phase I Trial

Use cutting-edge AI for precise patient stratification, combining diverse data for personalized treatments and optimized outcomes.

AI Single Cell Analysis

Explore how AI can enhance single-cell analysis by faster data processing to accelerate findings and drug development.

52% Faster Predictive Biomarker Discovery

Utilise advanced machine learning algorithms and integrate multi-modal data to Identify high-value biomarkers, optimize patient stratification, and tailor therapies for improved patient outcomes.

57% Acceleration in MoA Studies

Uncover intricate molecular pathways, optimize drug designs, and accelerate mechanism of action studies, ultimately leading to more effective therapeutic interventions.

AI Powered High Content Screening

Uncover intricate molecular pathways, optimize drug designs, and accelerate mechanism of action studies, ultimately leading to more effective therapeutic interventions.

Sonrai Discovery

Imagine What You Could Discover

We partner with leading pharma and biotech companies to increase IP potential, identify faster routes to market, and improve patient responses.

Streamlined Data Control and Transparency

Automate best data management practices, with full transparency and control

Treat your data like code with automatically generated track & trace recording, data lineage and versions that allow you quickly roll back or experiment in a secure research environment allowing for easy auditing and reproducibility.

Enforces best practices that helps protect you and your data
Complete control over data security and access with an easy to use interface
Maximum data protection, that frees you to experiment at will

Your Valuable Data Secured

Focus on leveraging insights and driving innovation in your organization.

Our technology is designed with robust measures to ensure data confidentiality, integrity, and availability throughout its lifecycle. Data is protected through multiple layers of security, and our encryption techniques safeguard data at rest and in transit, ensuring that only authorized individuals can access it. Our role-based access controls, allow you to manage user permissions and restrict access to sensitive information.

Our auditing capabilities enable you to track and monitor data access and changes for compliance purposes.
Role-Based-Access-Control to ensure the right people view the right level of information

Streamlined Data & Project Management

Build, link and manage all your datasets, projects and experiments, with built-in collaborative tools, communication, and management controls.

Democratise your data with easy to use data dashboards, convenient tasks, notes and notifications, and a centralised means of collating findings and project progress.

Implement best practice Data Management through controlled interfaces
Intuitive central portals to rapidly share findings and updates
Role-Based-Access-Control to ensure the right people view the right level of information

Effortless User & Access Management

Sonrai's self-service technology lets you easily manage all of your users, their permissions and access rights, and configure settings to your needs.

Sonrai does not limit User seats or types, and our customers can freely choose who and what their users can see and do.

Fully-realised self-service platform with admin functionality
Easily add new users, change passwords, or alter permission levels
Setup integrations and organisation-wide settings

Share Your Findings

Export your finds with dynamic interactive reports, or invite colleagues or clients into your secure data portal

Sonrai's platform makes it easier than ever to share data insights and findings, and to communicate that with your whole team, organisation, or customers.

Generate exportable interactive reports
Save your reproducible data recipes for future use or audits
Build dashboards and invite guests to view results in a secure controlled environment
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