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Axis Bio is a preclinical Contract Research Organisation (CRO) that accelerates drug development programmes. With specialist capabilities in oncology, inflammation and respiratory diseases, Axis has clients across the globe including major pharmaceutical and biotech businesses. They guide clients through every step of the preclinical efficacy testing process, to deliver clear and robust results in a timely and cost-effective manner.




Axis Bio is a fast-growing business delivering multiple research studies simultaneously. As such it was experiencing significant increases in the scale and complexity of client data whilst clients themselves were increasingly looking to track progress through frequent access to raw data, as well as visualisations.

As such, Axis quickly needed to migrate away from traditional data management tools, such as Excel, and innovate a new and more streamlined approach to data collection, curation and visualisation. In particular, Axis was looking to increase efficiencies by automating time-consuming data tasks whilst also enhancing accuracy. Without the in-house expertise and technology to develop their own solution, they turned to Sonrai Analytics.

"The system that Sonrai Analytics produced is not only a data capture area, it is also a management tool. The system flags anomalies such as increased body weight with a traffic light system."
Catherine Maguire

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Over a six-month period, Sonrai’s Data Science and Engineering teams worked side-by-side with Axis to identify their exact challenges and understand their current workflows.

We built customised apps to reduce laborious tasks, accelerate data entry and, through a visual ‘traffic light’ system, instantly validate data and identify anomalies. The apps also enable Axis to generate complex data visualisations for clients and share them as interactive reports at the touch of a button.

"We have paid for many services in 7 years of business but we have rarely had the investment in time that the team at Sonrai have shown."
Catherine Maguire


Simple Onboarding

The Axis team were up and running in hours. Easily train new staff members.

Data Integration

Time and cost savings through automated data cleaning and merging.

Quality By Design

Higher quality research studies through increased data accuracy and validation.

Sponsor Satisfaction

Increased client satisfaction through enhanced data visualisation.

Interactive Reports

Interactive reports to their customers with just one click.

"The Sonrai team got it, were willing to listen, learn and adapt their systems and give us what we needed, that type of understanding is rare and their flexibility refreshing."
Catherine Maguire

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