Analyse your Data

The Sonrai platforms enables users of all backgrounds to quickly and easily build new data pipelines and workflows and to seamlessly run thousands of experiments across hundreds of use cases.

Find what you're looking for with code-free purpose-built machine learning healthcare analytics

Pass and interrogate your data without a single line of code
Seamlessly pass, filter and transform data across 5000+ combinations
Save & reproduce your exact data recipes, and share with colleagues in a shared collaborative environment

The Sonrai data science team have developed a suite of AI & ML applications that can analyse, visualise, and interpret multi-modal data without a single line of code. Our new interactive data pipeline builder seamlessly connects applications (R, Python, JS or other) with over 5,000+ combinations out of the box, passing data in a novel way that extrapolates even more significant research and insight potential. Non-technical users can perform cutting-edge bioinformatics (e.g. single-cell transcriptomics or differential expression analysis) in under 5 minutes or train highly robust and accurate machine learning models as novel stratifiers (e.g. XGBoost), all within a no-code environment.

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