AI Patient Stratification Workflow

Patient Stratification Visualization

Sonrai’s advanced technology brings precise patient stratification to life. Through clustered scatter plots, heatmaps, and interactive tools, Sonrai empowers the exploration and filtering of patient data effortlessly. We use machine learning tools to identify distinct subgroups and clusters, providing the insights that give teams the confidence to move forward.

Easily visualize, explore and filter data

Select disease status filtering criteria

Patient Stratification Filter
Utilize ML tools to identify subgroups and clusters

Insights from Limited Sample Sizes

With Sonrai, even small sample sizes can yield valuable insights. Sonrai could use line charts or bar charts to display trends and insights extracted from small sample sizes over time or across different patient groups.

Explore longitudinal data

Patient Stratification Pic 5

See individual patients data

Patient Stratification Pic 6

Find individual patients with features of interest

Explore outcomes versus different features

Survival Plot Patient Stratification

Multimodal Data Integration:

To highlight the integration and analysis of diverse data types, a network graph or a Sankey diagram showing how different types of data, such as genomic data, clinical records, imaging data, and biomarker measurements, are interconnected.

Integrate your data sources

Merge your multi-modal data

Easily find clusters, batch effects and outliers

Merge your multi-modal data

Visualise and analyse multi-modal data

Instantly explore associated imaging data

Explore Precise Patient Stratification

Make data-driven decisions and discover meaningful patterns. Explore our capabilities and transform the future of drug development.

Reproducibility and Interpretability:

Visualization techniques like SHAP (SHapley Additive exPlanations) plots, feature importance plots, or decision trees to demonstrate the transparency and interpretability of their ML models.

Quickly identify clusters

Easily configure ML models with no-code

Identify top features identified by your model

Validate biomarkers identified by your model

Case Study: Patient Stratification

See how we helped a leading US pharmaceutical company focused on precision medicine overcome several challenges in its quest to deliver personalized treatments to patients.

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