Create Clinical-Grade AI Models with Sonrai

We are partnering with clients to develop a suite of medical device algorithms to find the right treatment for every patient. We simplify complex data integration for deeper insights, IP growth, value, and clinical support.

AI Powered Decision Support for Pathologists

With our expert team and cutting-edge technology, we help you create AI algorithms for image and data analysis faster. Reduce the need for costly and time-consuming pathologist involvement and free them up to focus on more important tasks.

Join forces with us to create clinical-grade AI models that can accurately identify features in images and quantify biomarkers. These models can be used to store, retrieve, and analyze large amounts of data, making your research and analysis more efficient and effective for your medical device development.

Integrate Image & Omic Data

Fully integrate your molecular and imaging data using AI to unleash the power of your data

Capture Pathologist Insights

Capture manual scores, commentary and annotations to enhance discovery and analysis

AI-based pathology algorithms

Develop and deploy AI-based pathology algorithms for efficiency and consistency

Consistently Quantify Biomarkers

Accurately & consistently quantify biomarkers from H&E, IHC and Fluorescence images

Unify your Imaging and Omic Data

Sonrai empowers you to maximize the potential of your imaging and omic data in discovering and analyzing diverse biomarkers across various modalities. This integration of data allows you to fully utilize the valuable information obtained from your projects, and brings together insights from various aspects of pathology, including H&E-stained tissue, molecular data, and NGS data.

View, share and annotate your WSIs with Sonrai Imaging

Collaborate with Pathologists
Collaborate with your skilled pathologists to incorporate their knowledge and skills in your multi-modal projects. Utilize our slide sharing and annotation features to effectively capture, share, and utilize the quantitative and other data from pathologists.
Everything you need in one place
Easily view slide images and corresponding omic and metadata all in one place, eliminating the need to switch between systems when examining exceptional cases or individual instances.
Create multiple algorithms
Employ the pathologists' annotations to create AI algorithms for various tasks, including identifying tumors, quantifying IHC results, and developing innovative biomarkers like predicting molecular status based on H&E images.

Sonrai Case Studies

We aim for perfection for our clients. We listen to their goals, quickly grasp their challenges, consider the needs of all stakeholders and deliver technical solutions. Below are just some of our client case studies to view.

PDL-1 AI Algorithm


The current manual process of PD-L1 scoring by pathologists is time-consuming and challenging.

How We Helped

Sonrai is implementing an AI algorithm to assist pathologists, simplify the process with potential savings for the NHS of up to £3.2m each year. reduce the cost of the pathologists and patient time.

Molecular Test Algorithm


For an accurate and efficient method to estimate the DNA content of tumor tissue used in molecular tests.

How We Helped

Our AI algorithm estimates tumor DNA content in macrodissected tissue for molecular tests by analyzing H&E-stained images. It serves as quality control and aids sample suitability for analysis.

AI MSI Status Prediction


For a more efficient and accurate method to identify patients who require further testing for Lynch Syndrome.

How We Helped

We're creating a clinical app to predict MSI status from H&E-stained slides of colorectal cancer, augmenting wet-lab identification of Lynch Syndrome patients for further testing.

High Content Screening


HCS projects typically involve numerous fluorescent images that require image analysis before further analysis.

How We Helped

AI's unsupervised learning algorithms can extract features from images to reveal mechanisms of action and in vitro responses across different experimental conditions, enabling efficient HCS data analysis.

"Artificial Intelligence (AI) has the potential to make a significant difference in health and care settings through its ability to analyse large quantities of complex information. We're already seeing great applications of AI technology, and more work is underway to fully harness its benefits and use AI safely and ethically at scale."


Our Plan to Deliver

Sonrai has significant expertise in partnering with clinical pathologists to deliver clinical-grade algorithms. We partner with companies to co-develop algorithms on the pathway to use in the clinic. A typical algorithm development can be run as a standalone project, with identified resources and stakeholders, and with milestones and gates defined during project initiation (represented visually below).

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AI-powered Pathology Algorithms

Leverage advanced AI to swiftly, precisely, and consistently analyze Whole Slide Images, enhancing the work of pathologists and streamlining their processes.

Sonrai's breakthrough technology has the potential to revolutionize clinical pathways and add immense value to your research and discovery projects. By optimizing image analysis and increasing accuracy, the positive impact on patient care and scientific advancements will be substantial.

Utilize advanced AI algorithms to analyze high-resolution images
Extract quantitative insights across large datasets for consistent and rapid image analysis
Integrate image-based biomarkers with omic and metadata for data filtering, stratification, and grouping within the platform.
Streamlined pathway to scale AI biomarkers, ensuring their validity and deploying them as clinical In Vitro Diagnostics
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