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Discover, Validate and Productize novel biomarkers, diagnostics & clinical algorithms with life-saving potential. Our advanced AI and machine learning algorithms, combined with our expertise in assay development, imaging, and regulatory compliance, enable companies to develop and launch their tests faster and more effectively.

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Sonrai Discovery empowers diagnostic companies to fully utilize the valuable information obtained from your projects and bring together insights from various aspects of your research. Our breakthrough technology can revolutionize clinical pathways and add immense value to your research and discovery projects.

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Sonrai Discovery integrates clinical, molecular, multi-omics, and imaging data using AI to identify novel disease biomarkers for diagnostic tests. We maximize the performance of your biomarkers by generating insights from your data, incorporating public data and helping you develop your existing markers into effective tests.


Reduce time-to-discovery by 50%

Our end-to-end data solution is streamlined to support your analysts with advanced AI and Machine Learning tools, reducing time-to-discovery by up to 50% and cutting the high costs of biomarker validation.

Our technology enables users of all backgrounds to quickly and easily build new data pipelines and workflows and to seamlessly run thousands of experiments across hundreds of use cases.

Sonrai treats your data like code by generating automatic track and trace recording, data lineage, and versions, allowing you to experiment in a secure research environment. This functionality allows you to roll back to previous versions quickly and efficiently.

Multi-omic Integration & Analysis

Identify novel combinations of diagnostic biomarkers across different disease settings and improve the accuracy and validity of diagnostic tests.

Integrate Public Data

Sonrai can integrate publicly available gene expression, proteomics, and metabolomics data into your analysis to maximise the potential value of biomarkers.

Partner to Drive Innovation

We enable your lab partners to process and interrogate data more effectively, sharing our resources and expertise. Establish a highly efficient bridge between R&D and clinical workflows.

Sonrai Discovery

Leverage our state-of-the-art AI/ML-powered technology and deep domain expertise to discover, develop and deploy new products to the market faster and enhance your IP.

Unify your Imaging and Omic Data

Maximize the potential of your imaging and omic data in discovering and analyzing diverse biomarkers across various modalities. This data integration allows you to utilize the valuable information obtained from your projects fully. It brings together insights from multiple aspects of medical research, including pathology images, gene expression, protein expression and other molecular data.

Discovery Case Study

Multiomic Biomarker Discovery

Rapidly identify novel combinations of diagnostic biomarkers across different disease settings.


Sonrai helps you identify suitable candidate biomarkers, establish robust assays with appropriate controls, and assign experienced project managers to ensure your project is completed on time and to the highest standards. We also offer algorithm co-development services to optimize diagnostic tests and reduce costs. Let's work together to develop effective diagnostic tests that improve patient outcomes.


Improve the accuracy and efficiency of diagnostic tests

Our biomarker experts help you create robust study designs for biomarker validation for greater confidence in the resultant data. Sonrai incorporates AI and ML applications to refine gene signatures - which are crucial for detecting diseases at an early stage. We can improve the accuracy of your diagnostic tests and make them more effective in detecting diseases.

We work closely with our clients to select the most effective and efficient methods for delivering test results to patients or healthcare providers. Sonrai ensures that diagnostic tests are designed and optimized to be reliable and accurate by selecting appropriate controls and reference genes to ensure that test results are reproducible and consistent.

Biomarker Test Delivery
Identify appropriate platforms for biomarker test delivery. Does your PCR platform meet the required turnaround time and regulatory specifications?
Dedicated Project Management
Sonrai assigns experienced project managers to your program to stay on track and overcome any challenges you face during their research and development.
Co-Develop Algorithms
Create clinical-grade AI models that can accurately identify features in images and quantify biomarkers. Minimize time-consuming pathologist involvement and redirect them to more critical responsibilities.

Development Case Study

Diagnostic Product Validation

Validation of biomarkers and diagnostic technology. AI and ML applications to refine gene signatures.


Achieve greater confidence in your resultant data through our biomarker validation services. Our biomarker experts work with you to create robust study designs, define appropriate analytical validation studies, and design optimal clinical validation studies for your diagnostic tests. With our expert regulatory support, including our in-house regulatory team for IVDR, FDA, and CLIA, you can easily navigate regulatory requirements.


Expert biomarker validation study design

At Sonrai, we specialize in developing accurate and reliable diagnostic tests that meet IVDR, FDA, and CLIA regulatory requirements. Our AI biomarker discovery technology and diagnostic tests are designed to ensure compliance with regulatory guidelines, while our clinical performance studies provide accurate and reliable data.

Whether you need support for validation studies or assay development services, our expert team is here to help. We offer expert biomarker validation study design and expertise in image analysis using AI to provide more precise diagnoses. Contact us to learn more about our biomarker validation services and how we can help you develop innovative diagnostic solutions that improve patient outcomes.


Deploy a variety of data products, including bioinformatics analysis, digital assays, and machine learning models or build imaging algorithms, using a data mesh architecture. Utilize cloud technology and best-practice MLOps to train, deploy, and manage AI algorithms. Foster sharing and collaboration with colleagues and key stakeholders to promote the advancement of biomarker potential.

Deploy Clinical AI Algorithms

With our expert team and cutting-edge technology, we help you deploy clinical grade AI algorithms for image and data analysis.

Join forces with us to create clinical-grade AI models that can accurately identify features in images and quantify biomarkers. These models can be used to store, retrieve, and analyze large amounts of data, making your research and analysis more efficient and effective for your medical device development.

Data Mesh Architecture

Deliver diverse data products (e.g. Bioinformatics Analysis, Digital Assays and Machine Learning Models)

AI-based pathology algorithms

Develop and deploy AI-based pathology algorithms for efficiency and consistency

Best-Practice MLOps

Leverage the Cloud and best-practice MLOps to train, deploy and manage AI Algorithms and share and collaborate with colleagues and key stakeholders to advance marker potential.

Sonrai Case Studies

We aim for perfection for our clients. We listen to their goals, quickly grasp their challenges, consider the needs of all stakeholders and deliver technical solutions. Below are just some of our client case studies to view.

PDL-1 AI Algorithm


The current manual process of PD-L1 scoring by pathologists is time-consuming and challenging.

How We Helped

Sonrai is implementing an AI algorithm to assist pathologists, simplify the process with potential savings for the NHS of up to £3.2m each year. reduce the cost of the pathologists and patient time.

AI MSI Status Prediction


For a more efficient and accurate method to identify patients who require further testing for Lynch Syndrome.

How We Helped

We're creating a clinical app to predict MSI status from H&E-stained slides of colorectal cancer, augmenting wet-lab identification of Lynch Syndrome patients for further testing.

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